Online Casinos History

In the early 1990’s online casinos surfaced on the web. In the beginning the choices were limited and most all were running with no download casino software. I must say the casino games were very limited and not real good. As popularity increased the online casinos improved the software and added more games to the software. As with anything that starts to make huge profits the bad apples come out and so did the shady casino operators such as “starnet”, which cheated players. Of course you can only do that for so long and your reputation will put you out of business which did happen around the early 2000’s

By 2003 the online casinos industry was thriving, mainly consisting of players from the US. As the popularity increased more casino software companies came online, better promotions to get players to join “their” casino and better casino games. Improving the type of games offered was also very import to keep up with demand. Microgaming became the leaders in providing the best selection of casino games with the best features. As the industry kept growing the US government decided they were losing too much money to offshore companies and did a crack down on internet gambling, and went after web wallets which helped players deposit at the online casinos. In 2008 many online casinos went out of business, others pulled out of the US market.

Today the online casinos are still surviving and players are enjoying the best casino games ever. Microgaming provides the best casino games ever, bringing new games each month. You cannot find any land based casino offering as many game choices, or as good of casino games as you find within the Microgaming software. Players have chances of winning progressive jackpots almost every day, some exceeding a million dollars. Of course due to the limited countries in which the online casinos can accept players from today there is not as many online casinos as there once was but the most trusted and honest groups have survived.